Jun 13, 2020

Canyon Hill Family,

I am excited that we will be gathering together this Sunday, June 14th in our building. I thank you all for your patience as the church board has diligently been working to think through a reopening plan. As we gather this Sunday, we want to do our part to practice social distancing and to follow the guidelines from both the governor and the CDC to keep all of us and any guests that we might have as safe as possible. As said in our plan for reopening our facilities, please be reminded of the following:

  • We will be doing family worship only at 10:45 in the Keller Center. The other building will be locked, so all traffic flow will go through either entrance to the Keller Center. Please do not arrive before 10:15.
  • Masks are recommended but not required. We will have a limited number of masks available at the doors if you would like one. Hand sanitizer will also be available.
  • There will be no Sunday school, no nursery, no children's church, and no food or beverages offered.
  • Children will need to sit with their families and encouraged to go to the restrooms with their family members. We don't want them running around freely uncontrolled.
  • Please sit together as single units or family units and practice social distancing between single/family units.
  • We will have an offering drop box to place your tithes and offering in rather than passing offering plates.
  • We will not have a bulletin available, nor will we be doing a mid-service friendship time. We are minimizing touch.
  • Wednesday night, June 17 we will have a Zoom bible study for adults. Children and Teens will meet in the church building.
  • Sunday, June 28th we will resume Sunday school and the nursery.
  • Sunday 10:15-10:45 snack time, coffee, potlucks, etc will not be available until further notice.
  • Men's Bible Study has started back up weekly on Tuesday mornings.

I realize that some of the precautions that we as a church are taking can seem to be overcautious, but many churches are taking the same measures to keep as many people as safe as possible. In the midst of these past few months, I have been reminded that COVID-19 cannot stop and has not stopped the church from fulfilling its mission. Not even the gates of hell will overcome the church. That is a promise from Jesus himself!

So although we haven't gathered in our building for corporate worship as we have wanted, the Great Commission of the church to make disciples in all the nations has continued and in some ways has thrived in spite of COVID-19.

Praise God that He can transcend our circumstances, work through our circumstances, and still redeem and change people regardless of life circumstances. And as the Apostle Paul reminds us, it is God's will for us to give thanks in the midst of all circumstances. Our thanksgiving is directed toward God and all that He has done, and no circumstance can change all that God has done, is doing, and will continue to do. We aren't called to give thanks for all circumstances but in the midst of all circumstances. Please share this with those who may not have email.

So let's all give thanks to God for we have much to be thankful for!

God Bless,

Pastor Tony

Canyon Hill Church of the Nazarene

903 N Michigan Ave Caldwell ID 83605